Wall reliefs with scenes of an expedition to Punti

Photo by Alberto Siliotti

Artefact Details

Room number: 12 – Ground Floor

Period: New Kingdom

Dynasty: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Hatshepsut (1479-1458 BC)

Size: Height: 49,3 cm, Width: 45 cm

Place of discovery: Deir el Bahari – Temple of Hatshepsut (Thebes West)

Material: Painted limestone

Two reliefs come from the Punt portico in the second terrace of the temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el Bahari and are part of a group of scenes illustrating an expedition to the Land of Punt in the southern part of the Red Sea made during the ninth year of Hatshepsut reign. The main scene shows the king of Punt Parehu followed by his wife Ati, and several men carrying some of the products of Punt: incense, myrrh, gold, and ivory.