The Egyptian Museum in Cairo Amenities

ATM machines: the museum contains two ATM machines to serve the visitors and employees of the museum.

Post Office: the museum contains a Post Office for the convenience of visitors who wish to send post-cards to their friends and family, as well as phone-charging facilities.

Ambulance: an ambulance service is available every day at the museum to respond to any emergency cases and for the safety of visitors and staff.

Wheelchairs: Non-motorized wheelchairs are available for visitors to use at no cost, on a first-come, first-serve basis. Wheelchairs undergo cleaning procedures as part of the museum's health and safety measures.

Elevator: All of the museum's exhibitions are accessible by wheelchair, and all floors of the museum can be reached by elevator.

Gift shop: Hundreds of unique gifts and replicas, including sculptures, catalogues, stationary, wall arts and more are available at our gift shop. The American University in Cairo (AUC) has a bookshop at the museum, which offers collections of books about Egypt, its history, art and literature.

Cafeteria: the museum's cafeteria is currently under renovation. Only hot and soft drinks are offered.