Community Engagement via Education

Since its establishment in 1995, EMC's education department has worked to engage the Egyptian community through different programmes.

Aims of the Education Department:

Policy of the Education Department:
Programmes of the Education Department:

The Egyptian Museum Education Department provides a resource for all visitors to engage, interact, and respond to its collection. To achieve this, our programmes are divided into three main categories:

Heritage Craft Preserving Programmes:
Presenting Egyptian heritage crafting industries that are still being practiced today, including pottery, textile, and jewellery. This programme is targeted at adults who already practice these crafts in order to encourage possible experiments and collaborations influenced by Ancient Egyptian techniques.

Community Outreach Programmes:
The Egyptian Museum Education Department provides special programmes for schools, charities, and public libraries throughout Egypt in conjunction with the Department for Community Outreach. By bringing the Museum to students in schools, participants are able to engage with the Egyptian Museum’s collection.

School Programmes (Arabic):
For inquires please contact the Public Relations Office at the Egyptian Museum:
Phone: +20 2 25796948