The Archive of the Egyptian Museum in Cairo

The Archive of the Egyptian Museum, Cairo (AEMC) is a treasure that includes large numbers of different materials and documents. It houses the most extensive archive of historic material relating to the museum and its collection.

This archival material is of great importance for scholars and scientific researcher trying to interpret historical events or the history of the objects displayed and stored at the museum. AEMC also supports the museum’s staff when researching any gaps in the museum’s records.

The Egyptian Museum archive consists of many unique documents, such as:

  • Approximately 50,000 photographic related resources in different forms, including glass negative plates, film rolls, sheet films, and digital photos. The photographic archive covers a broad range of content, such as excavation projects and sites in Egypt, old construction images recording events and displays at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo.
  • Approximately 30 original architectural plans and drawings of the museum, designed by the French architect Marcel Dourgnon.
  • Approximately 28 historical manuscripts belonging to the museum’s General Catalogue, by Egyptologists including Dressy, Reisner and Maspero.
  • A full archive of the collection’s records, including the Journal d'Entrée, Temporary Registers, Special Registers and General Catalogue.
Historical Photos from the Archive