"Transforming the Egyptian Museum of Cairo"

This initiative was launched in 2019 to support the changes that the Egyptian Museum will undergo during the transfer of several artefacts to their new homes in a number of new museums in Cairo and throughout Egypt. Funded by the European Union, this project focuses on a strategic vision for one of the oldest purpose-built museums in the world. It has brought Egyptian curators and conservators together with their European counterparts from The Museo Egizio (Turin), The British Museum (London), The Louvre Museum (Paris), The National Museum of Antiquities (Leiden), and The Egyptian Museum (Berlin). A committee has been established to oversee the project, comprising professors and specialists from different Egyptian Universities, as well as the Head of the Museums’ Sector, as well as several former Directors and the current Director of the Egyptian Museum.

This project will set-out strategies for the sustainable development of the museum, including income-generation strategies, digital services, scientific research, archive development, audience engagement, educational department, and policies for loans and exhibitions.

Four exhibition collections will be developed and refurbished as part of the permanent collection; these include the galleries for the Predynastic, Old Kingdom, Graeco-Roman, and Tanis collections. Within the framework of this project are a number of specialised conservation / restoration projects conducted in collaboration with European partners, and under the supervision of the Director General of Restoration Department at the Egyptian Museum.