Please do not use flash when taking photographs.

Large bags are not permitted into museum.

Please keep the place clean.

Please keep the museum quiet.

It is not allowed to bring advertising banners or slogans unless obtaining prior permission.

Food and drinks are prohibited, except for small water bottles.

Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum.

It is not permitted to use any flashlights, laser pointers or megaphones, throughout the museum.

Please adhere to the visit route and the instructions of the museum staff, especially in case of an emergency.

It is not permitted to bring any sharp tools or dangerous materials.

If there are any suggestions or complaints, please contact the museum staff.

Pets are not allowed.

Please allow museum staff to inspect your ID, bags, luggage contents, and ticket upon request.

Please adhere to the appropriate attire and refrain from disorderly and offensive language or actions.

Any photography and video for commercial purposes are only allowed after obtaining prior permission.

Please do not perform any kind of rituals except in designated areas.