“Making this initiative happen will signal the rebirth of Egypt – its modern Renaissance. This entire zone of Downtown Cairo is vital. It has become a centre of attention worldwide for a myriad of reasons in recent years. This attention is an opportunity for us to show Egypt in its best attire, and offer its guests an unforgettable experience”

Dr Mounir Neamatalla, Founder of EQI


The Revival of The Egyptian Museum

The Revival of the Egyptian Museum Initiative was launched in May 2012 through a public/private partnership between the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities (MoTA), the Foreign Office of the Federal Republic of Germany, and Environmental Quality International (EQI), an investment and consulting firm specialized in natural/cultural heritage conservation, and sustainable development.

Under the auspices of the
Egyptian Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities

Co-funded by the
European Union

Co-funded and implemented by Environmental Quality International (EQI)

Mission of the Project

The overall aim of the Initiative is to restore the Egyptian Museum to its former glory, transforming it into a sustainable centre for socio-cultural and economic development, in order to continue to attract ever greater numbers of visitors to the country. The immediate objective is to stimulate Egypt’s economy by focusing on a set of high-impact heritage conservation actions and socio-economic development activities targeting the museum and its surrounding area. The medium-term objective is to create a self-sustaining model that would steadily improve Egypt’s public image, and enhance its position as a cultural travel destination. The long-term objective is to consolidate Egypt’s position as a cultural travel destination, nurturing the quality of life and work of those residing close to cultural heritage sites.

Major international events have already been held to showcase developments of the Initiative. These events, attended by high-ranking Egyptian officials and the international diplomatic community, were widely reported in the local and international press. Supported and funded by the European Union Delegation to Egypt, EQI, and private donors, such works and activities serve to validate the model for museum-wide restoration, and a greater engagement with the surrounding communities. With the full endorsement of the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, and in partnership with the European Union, EQI will continue the restoration works and expand the impact of its community development and educational activities within the museum and its surrounding area.

Project Phase Timeline

2012 – 2013

The first phase

Focused on the preparation of a comprehensive rehabilitation concept for the museum. This work included research studies, management, operational considerations, as well as an assessment of the museum’s architectural rehabilitation and artefact conservation requirements. Pilot works were also undertaken.

2013 – 2017

The second phase

Focused on testing the implementation of an action plan in the Tutankhamun Galleries. The full restoration of the original walls, floors and skylights in these halls was carried out.

2017 – 2020

The third phase

Following the successful testing of the action plan in the Tutankhamun Galleries, the full restoration of the original walls, floors and skylights was carried out throughout the museum 89 exhibition halls.

Preservation of the Museum

The restoration works undertaken by EQI are done in accordance with the original designs of the architect, Marcel Dourgnon (1858–1911). These works are intended to conserve and rejuvenate this classified Beaux-Arts building, transforming it into a state-of-the art conservation facility. All conservation works and museological interventions will be undertaken by a consortium of European museum experts, in partnership with the European Commission and Egyptian experts.

Digital copy

The Revival of The Egyptian Museum Book

Download the digital copy of the book dedicated to the Revival of the Egyptian Museum, which was realised in celebration of the Museum's One Hundred and Nineteenth Anniversary.