Standing statue of King Senusret I

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 22 – Ground Floor

Period: Middle Kingdom

Dynasty: 11th Dynasty (ca. 2125–1985 BC)

Size: Height: 56cm, width: 11 cm, Length: 26 cm

Place of discovery: El-Lisht, Excavated by A. Lythgoe for the MMA (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) in 1914

Material: Painted Wood

Image Gallery

Striding statue, left leg forward, of king in the white crown, of cedar wood. The figure is uninscribed, and is now assigned to the reign of Senwosret I. The features of the face are regular, with the eyes painted with black irises and white sclera. The king wears a knee-length kilt, painted white, with the pleated side flaps, the pleats indicated in red pigment. He hold a full-length crook, its lowest part broken away, in his proper left hand; his right hand hangs by his side, fisted to hold an object (probably a scepter of some sort) that is now missing. His body is muscular and his feet, attached to a rectangular base, are bare. The exposed skin is painted a dark reddish-brown. The sculpture is in excellent condition, and is almost completely intact.