Sedan chair of Queen Hetepheres

Photo by Alberto Siliotti

Artefact Details

Room number: 37 – Ground Floor

Period: Old Kingdom

Dynasty: Dynasty 4, Reign of Snefru (2543-2510 BC)

Size: Height: 52 cm – Width: 52-53,5  – Length: 99 cm – Poles length: 99 cm

Place of discovery: Giza, Tomb of Hetepheres I

Material: Wood and gold leaf

Hetepheres was the wife of Snefru, the first king of the 4th Dynasty and mother of Khufu: his sedan chair with two carrying poles decorated with palmiform capitals was found by the American archeologist George Reisner in 1925.
It is the only example of this kind of chair that survived to the present day. Ebony panels with golden hieroglyphs that give the names and epithets of the queen adorn the back of the chair.