Painted Limestone Funerary Stela of Amenemhat with His Wife Iy, and Intef and his wife Hepyt.

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 21 – Ground Floor

Period: Middle Kingdom

Dynasty: 11th Dynasty (ca. 2125–1985 BC)

Place of discovery: Asasif, Excavated by A. Lansing for the MMA (The Metropolitan Museum of Art) in 1915

Size: Height: 30 cm, width: 50 cm

Material: Painted Limestone

Rectangular funerary stela with four people. Three on a bench at left, female and male, with beard, embracing another male, who is placed between them. The name Intef between the men faces the same direction as the bearded man. To the right of this group is an offering table with foodstuffs and jars beneath. Another female inscribed as “his sister Hepyt « stands to the right of the table. Both males wear white kilts and green collars and bracelets, have short wigs and one on right with beard. The women wear white sheath dresses and green collars, bracelets and anklets. Male skin tone red/brown, female yellow/beige. Mirror in fitted case under the chair of woman on left. Offering prayer inscribed above in green.