Painted Limestone False Door of Iteti Ankhiris with statue at back of niche

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 47- Ground Floor

Period: Old Kingdom

Dynasty: 6th Dynasty (ca. 2345–2181 BC)

Place of discovery: Saqqara, Excavated by A. Mariette for the EAS (Egyptian Antiquities Service) in 1861

Size: Height: 315 cm, width: 210 cm

Material: Painted limestone

False door of Iteti Ankhiris, with outer lintel and jambs, slab stela, inner lintel and jambs, mat roll, and statue of the deceased. The outer lintel is uninscribed, and bears no text. On each outer jamb are three columns of text above a figure of Iteti. On the panel, Iteti sits, facing proper right, before an offering table. On the inner lintel is an offering prayer in two horizontal lines and an image of Iteti seated. On each inner jamb are six columns of text comprising an offering list above an image of Iteti standing. The name of the deceased is on the mat roll. In the central niche is a figure of Iteti carved half in the round, standing on a high threshold with his arms at his sides, holding cylindrical objects in his fists. He wears a round wig and a knee-length kilt with a pleated flap. The pigment is well preserved towards the bottom of the door.