Guardian Statue of Tutankhamun

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 10 – Upper Floor

Period: New Kingdom

Dynasty: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Tutankhamun (1327-1318 BC)

Size: Height: 192 cm, Length: 98 cm, Width: 53.3 cm

Place of discovery: Valley of the Kings – Thebes

Material: Wood painted with black resin and gilded, bronze

This is one of the two life-size guardian statues placed on either side of the door that gave access to the burial chamber. Originally the statues were wrapped in sheets of linen. This statue wears a wig called khat, has a gilded bronze cobra uraeus on the forehead, and clasp a stick in its left hand and a mace in the right hand. The black color assimilates the king to the god Osiris whose face often is black.