Shrine for canopic vases

Artefact Details

Gallery number: 9 – Upper Floor

Period: New Kingdom

Dynasty: 18th Dynasty, Reign of Tutankhamun (1327-1318 BC)

Size: Height: 198 cm, Lenght: 153 cm, Width: 122 cm

Place of discovery: Valley of the Kings – Thebes

Material: Wood lined with stucco and gilded, glass paste

This shrine was found in the so-called Treasure Room, with an alabaster container inside within which there were four canopic vases with four miniature sarcophagi for the internal organs of the king.
The shrine, placed on a sled, is surrounded by two friezes of cobras with the solar disk. On every side of the shrine, there is a goddess with open arms to protect the canonic vases: Isis, Nephthys, Neith and Selket