Conservation of Old Kingdom reliefs from the funerary temple of King Sahure

On display in western wing of the ground floor, in galleries 36 and 31

King Sahure ruled during the 5th Dynasty (about 2458–2446 BC), and was buried in Abusir, where his tomb was excavated by the German Egyptologist Ludwig Borchardt, between 1907 and 1908

The relief scenes include a procession of the divinities bringing offerings to the king, as well as depictions of funerary rites, and a representation of the goddess Seshat

Preliminary results from the mechanical cleaning undertaken by the restorers have yielded impressive results in drawing-out the pigmented layers of Egyptian green, as well as the appearance of the squares on which the ancient Egyptian artist scaled their drawings. The cleaning and consolidation of these scenes will provide details that visitors will be able to see for the first time

This restoration project is supported by Museo Egizio (Turin), in collaboration with restorers of the Egyptian Museum,  and is led by a specialised team from the Grand Egyptian Museum